Directing and choreography: Yvette Bozsik (Budapest, Hungary)
Starring: Beatrice Rancea
Ballet Ensemble interprets the Romanian National Opera in Iasi

Bal is a traveling dance and music in the 70s.
The show is designed in two parts, of which contrast strongly emphasized: the first part takes place in a local, and the second on a beach in the natural nature. The atmosphere of the second part is more poetic: those who, before, were claimed by a colorful dance presents now their fate, loneliness and different moments of life. Sound material gives parts belonging to the most important music trends of the twentieth century, from jazz to canzonette, from classical music to modern music, an amalgam of styles and attitudes.
The idea of the show was born under My favorite movie: Ettore Scola – “Ball”, which is testimony without text through different dance styles destinies and human relations and the twentieth century history. My play does not focus on history, but on characters who seeks happiness valsând solitary says Yvette Bozsik about Bal.
Different styles of dances, waltzes, tango sites tell us style “Bozsik” about desires and unrealized dreams, loneliness and love, about alienation, introspection and soul searching.