Information about the performance hall


The Romanian National Opera Iași operates in the same performance hall as the Iași National Theater, in one of the most beautiful performance buildings in Europe. The plans belong to the famous Viennese architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer, who designed similar constructions in Vienna, Prague, Odessa or Zurich. , housing true art monuments. The curtain, painted in 1896 by the Viennese craftsman Lenz and finished by one of the disciples, presents in the center an allegory of life, with the three ages, and on the right, the allegory of the Union of Romanian Principalities: Moldova, Transylvania and Country Romanian. Iron curtain, painted by Al. Goltz, with symmetrically arranged ornamental motifs, tightly separates the scene from the rest of the room. The ceiling, painted by Al. Goltz, in pastel colors, represents paradisiacal allegories, being illustrated with nymphs and angels and framed in rococo stucco, and the chandelier, made of Venetian crystal, has 109 bulbs.

To visit the building or take photo sessions, contact the secretariat of the Romanian National Opera Iasi, by phone at 0232 211 144.