Kabaret – Nostalgia in two parts


Dance-theater show (2011 )

The audience will be led into a fantasy world , a world that will revive strange stories and characters famous German cabaret 20s and ’30s . Year decor inspired by the paintings of René Magritte – Personal Values , actors and dancers performing will live in a surreal world , where life is dominated by stories full of melancholy , humor and color. In the show famous singers are found in films , including the famous Marlene Dietrich . In this strange space full of strange characters , there is a magic wardrobe from emerging into three clowns . They enjoy the wonders found in this world, and one of them , charmed by the atmosphere of unprecedented choose to stay. In the second part of the clown wore agreements Symphony . 5 Tchaikovsky begins to dream that directs an orchestra at desks that show characters come to life .