IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE – JOHN LENNON , choreographer Gigi Caciuleanu

A theater choreography by Gigi Caciuleanu
“Imagine All the people” ( John Lennon )
” C- huh world , fleeting .. ” ( Romanian folk song , World , World )
” To end any trip must conclude an infinite number
travel . ” ( James F. Thomson – English philosopher , Tasks and Supertasks )
” What happens to me today is just a memory
A what will happen to me tomorrow
What I see happening not only in my mind
And I do not see me like water goes heedlessly
( Gigi Căciuleanu , – Texts & Poems )

A collage music as a puzzle made up of snatches of musical phrases from Horizons could not be different: from John Lennon to Frédérique Chopin, from folk Russian to Italian, from a moment of musical Anglo-Saxon voice in Maria Tanase; Janis Joplin from the Piazzola or a “flamenco singing” a waltz in Valparaiso. A patchwork of illustrations sound ranging from singing the love of whales recorded in the depths of the ocean to that of cicadas in a summer night, the famous hit French “les feuilles mortes” the equally famous aria of Figaro from the opera Rossini, from a kind of “Jew’s harp” a Pacific island at a concert for violin by Bach, from a solitary guitar Mozart’s Requiem Breton to …
However organized in a whole around the idea that wherever we live or we were born, we the people – inhabitants of planet Earth, we are beings as unique as it is universal.