Carnival – Ioan Tugearu

Caragiale in the dance world

Although his characters are so vividly outlined that have emerged from the pages of text and acquired an identity that we’re integrated real world – a world of his time Caragiale and of all times that have followed until today – his work has often served as the starting point of a choreographic creations.
Adina Cezar was bent over the works of Caragiale, in another “Year Caraga,” one of 2002, inserting company in Constanta Theatre Ballet “Oleg Danovski” show at douăşpe past fixed, a free interpretation of some of the characters of his plays. And all differing interpretations, inspired by all Caragiale’s work, or rather in his spirit, and Gigi Căciuleanu outlined in the current “Caragiale Year” in 2012, the show D’ours, on the stage of the National Theatre in Bucharest .
Romanian National Opera in Iaşi wanted to mount, however, a specific track, Carnival, with its typical characters and situation. In this way we were tight straps successive replicas rapidly changing place and the relationships between characters, giving me a little more freedom than in a selection of characters and situations that I would have done it alone. In this context, we kept a few lines defining some circumstances, then allowing the dance floor, saying his language, as they belong to heroes like Nae, bribery, Didina, Pampon, Cracanel or Iordache, as they define movements and attitudes. And at times I allowed to escape beyond the strict framework of the play, but not beyond color Caragiale world.
In a year so rich in theatrical and literary creations, which again gave life’s work Caragiale or commented on the unaccountable angles, Iasi characters that came with the help of dance, song Carnival pages I hope to be able to find and recognize as part of the eternal world and yet timeless, always new.

Ioan Tugearu